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How to Make Your First Soy Candle

by Ramon Silva

Tired of buying candles filled with nasties? Want to create your own vegan-friendly candles? Fancy learning a fun new craft? You're in the right place.

Keep reading for a beginner's guide to making your very own scented soy candle. This is a fun project and an awesome way to make personalized gifts for friends, family and coworkers.

1. Prepare Candle Holders

Before you start dealing with wax, colouring and fragrances, you'll need to prepare a suitable container for your candle. Small tins and glass jars are popular options. If you want to make your candle look extra quirky, you could use a teacup, a miniature jam jar, or a metal bucket. Get creative and see what happens!

Wipe out your chosen container to remove any dust or debris. Then stick a pre-tabbed wick to the bottom of whatever you've chosen. Press down firmly and ensure it's centred.

2. Melt Soy Wax

Weigh your soy wax flakes and microwave to melt, following the instructions on the packet. Keep a close eye on your wax and stir frequently until melted completely. Measure a little more wax than you think you'll need, in case of spillages.

Be careful, since hot wax can cause burns.

3. Add Colouring

Want a plain candle? You can skip this step. If not, add a dye chip to your wax before you put it in the microwave. The chip will melt and colour your wax once it's stirred.

Choose a colour that matches the fragrance you're planning. For example, red for a berry scented candle, or yellow for a lemon scent. Using more dye chips will achieve a stronger, bright colour.

4. Add Fragrance

Grab a container of your favourite fragrance, measure according to package instructions, and add to your melted wax. Stir to combine and achieve a consistent scent when the candle burns. Let the wax cool for several minutes while stirring - this will make it easier to pour.

 5. Pour Wax Into Holder

 After stirring thoroughly, you're ready to pour your wax into your container. Take your time to avoid spillages. Hold your wick upright, and attach a metal wick bar to keep it centred and straight while your candle cools.

6. Trim Wick

Once your candle has cooled, you can remove the wick bar and trim your wick. Now, all you need to do is add a label and decide who to give your candle to!

Soy candles make amazing gifts. Make your own using the simple directions above. For more information about candle making supplies, contact a local professional.