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Five Tips to Help You Boost Soft Toy Sales on Your Website

by Ramon Silva

If you are buying cuddly toys from a distributor and then reselling them on your website, you may be looking for tips and tricks to improve sales. Here are some ideas to help you.

1. Take New Pictures

Don't use the photographs from the toy distributor to advertise the toys on your site. Instead, take your own photos. The distributor's photo may be copyrighted and for its use alone, and additionally, those photos do nothing to further your brand.

Instead, set up every toy in a unique situation and shoot a photo of it. Depending on how you want your site to look, you may display the toy against a neutral background or create an action shot with real children playing with the toy.

2. Pen a Full Description

Descriptions are essential if you are starting an ecommerce page. They let customers know what to expect, and beyond that, they help the search engines to find your wares. Write a unique description for each soft toy that you sell, or pay a freelance writer to create the descriptions for you.

Ideally, the description should include several synonyms for the toy. For instance, if you are selling a bear, you may want to include phrases such as "cuddly bear", "stuffed bear" and "teddy bear". Also, include colours, measurements and age recommendations.

3. Store in an Odour-Free Area

When customers receive your toys, they expect them to smell new and clean. Unfortunately, if you store the soft toys in an exhaust-filled garage, a home where people smoke or a number of other places, the toys may absorb odours.

To avoid that, consider finding a relatively odour-free area of your home or hiring a storage locker.

4. Don't Link to Distributor

If you like, you can mention which company manufactured the toy, but ideally, you should not link to the distributor on your site. That can draw people away from your site. In addition, some people may simply opt to buy from the distributor if the prices are significantly less than yours.

That is an especially high risk with distributors who are willing to accept small orders—some distributors have high minimum order requirements, and as a result, it doesn't make sense for individual consumers to order from them.

5. Don't Wash Toys

Ideally, you shouldn't wash your soft toys before selling them. Buyers are expecting new toys, and if the toys smell like detergent, that may counteract the new feeling. If you have to wash a cuddly toy, put it in a mesh bag to protect it, and consider noting that is has been washed on your site.